Inspired by my dear friend Alex, I started recording 1 second every day at age 30.

When I walk into my 30s, I have noticed that my desire for so-called “novelty” has grown into something else: I wanted my life deeply rooted in the most mundane details, with my own feet standing on the ground, open my heart and appreciate all the tiny beautiful things:)

Also, I have learned that change and loss come hand in hand. To make some change, I have to let sth go, for instance, the gray cover that comforted me for years, the same jogging route in Golden Gate Park, my “go-to” defense of avoidance, or even my identity as a therapist.

Because look around, everything changes, the good, the bad, and these have nothing to do with good or bad. And life sometimes is weird. It’s so weird: dazzling and terrible, cruel and breathtaking, painful and beautiful.

Looking at these moments, how could I even wonder if life was worth living?